Fix Your Web

UI & UX Design

Interface & Experience. Design.

— How effective is your website?

Don’t like the way your website looks or works? Do you feel like your visitors aren’t getting exactly what your services are?

Let’s talk & fix whatever needs fixing.

FIX Website


Sell. Stuff. Online.

— Want to sell stuff online?

Selling a product or service online may seem straight-forward. There are critical steps to follow when setting up an online shop.

So, let’s sell your product online.

FIX E-commerce


Search. Engine. Optimisation.

— Where does your website rank with Google?

Do you have a website with little-to-no traffic? Business slow because your potential customers not finding your website?

Let’s talk Google & fix your SEO.


What others are saying about me

Tony Stewart

The Email Marketing Solution is everything I could want from a marketing tool. It is comprehensive, easy to use and gives me immediate results.more

Sanjay Jagannath

Alexander was an excellent web designer and team player. He got on really well with all his colleagues at iSite and was very focussed on his tasks. He dealt with iSite's clients with the ut-most professionalism. He will be a great asset to any c...more

Some of my digital projects

Client: Artedomus
Project: Conceptual Flash Website

Client: Blackwood King
Project: Animated Flash Banners for Audi

Client: Living Foods
Project: Conceptual Website Design

Client: Product Finishers
Project: Concept Website Design

Live Project

Client: Laparoscopy Auckland
Project: Hernia & Laparoscopy Website Development, SEO

Live Project

Client: FindStrength
Project: Conceptual Website Design