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UI & UX Design

Interface & Experience. Design.

— How effective is your website?

Don’t like the way your website looks or works? Do you feel like your visitors aren’t getting exactly what your services are?

Let’s talk & fix whatever needs fixing.

FIX Website


Sell. Stuff. Online.

— Want to sell stuff online?

Selling a product or service online may seem straight-forward. There are critical steps to follow when setting up an online shop.

So, let’s sell your product online.

FIX E-commerce


Search. Engine. Optimisation.

— Where does your website rank with Google?

Do you have a website with little-to-no traffic? Business slow because your potential customers not finding your website?

Let’s talk Google & fix your SEO.


What others are saying about me

Howard Snoyman

Alex is incredibly talented. We were regularly surprised at the quality of work that he was consistently able to deliver. What was refreshing was how he took the initiative to determine how his given projects fitted into the macro focus of the g...more

Justen van Eck

Alex is a visionary, strategist, designer & brilliant developer all rolled into one. His attention to detail & holistic approach to any project ensure nothing gets missed, and projects get completed well before deadlines. Alex is also very pragm...more

Some of my digital projects

Client: Gymboo
Project: Gymboo Conceptual Website Design

Client: GrownUps
Project: Interactive Memory Card Game in Flash

Client: GrownUps
Project: GrownUps - Life Survey

Client: Tea Flower
Project: e-Commerce Website Setup for The Tea Flower

Live Project

Client: Ogilvy
Project: Ogilvy - Holden Commodore Flash Game Design

Client: SA Jewellery
Project: Web Design, CMS & SEO

Live Project