Fix Your Web

UI & UX Design

Interface & Experience. Design.

— How effective is your website?

Don’t like the way your website looks or works? Do you feel like your visitors aren’t getting exactly what your services are?

Let’s talk & fix whatever needs fixing.

FIX Website


Sell. Stuff. Online.

— Want to sell stuff online?

Selling a product or service online may seem straight-forward. There are critical steps to follow when setting up an online shop.

So, let’s sell your product online.

FIX E-commerce


Search. Engine. Optimisation.

— Where does your website rank with Google?

Do you have a website with little-to-no traffic? Business slow because your potential customers not finding your website?

Let’s talk Google & fix your SEO.


What others are saying about me

Tony Stewart

The Email Marketing Solution is everything I could want from a marketing tool. It is comprehensive, easy to use and gives me immediate results.more

Jaxon Marc have exceeded my expectations turning a simple flash template into a creative and visual representation of my music.Artists working together can be difficult at the best of times, however they have not only proven brilliant techni...more

Jaxon Marc, Artist / Photographer / The Actors Showreel

Some of my digital projects

Client: Auckland HomeFinders
Project: Website Design & CMS Integration

Live Project

Client: GrownUps
Project: Interactive Memory Card Game in Flash

Client: Domavin
Project: Web Design & Front-end Development

Client: Rakinos
Project: Rakinos Website Development, CMS, & SEO

Client: Cards4Kids
Project: Cards4Kids Website Design, Development, and SEO

Client: SOLAL
Project: UI Design, E-commerce & SEO

Live Project